Molded Food Safe Silicone Gasket

A local engineering company approached us to prototype a food safe, high temperature gasket for a consumer product under development. We chose to print a mold from their design using ABS plastic, and fill it with a food grade silicone adhesive. After lining the mold with a thin layer of parafin, as a mold release, we filled and leveled the mold with the adhesive and allowed it to cure for 24 hours. The resulting gasket was accurate within specified dimensons but required resizing to new specifications. A new mold was printed and the resulting gasket tested under elevated temperature and liquid pressure. It worked well and allowed the client to succefully pitch their product to investors.

Cost: $150 (1 hour CAD work); $50 (3d print); $15 (DAP silicone adhesive); $50 (mold removal, cleanup and finishing); Total: $265   Turnaround Time: 5 days
Comparable estimate for Prototype Injection Molding: +$3,990 over 30 Days

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