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FormLabs Form 1+

  • The Form 1+ Dimensions30 × 28 × 45 cm 12 × 11 × 18 in Weight8 kg 18 lbs Operating Temperature18–28° C 64–82° F Power Requirements100–240 V 1.5 A 50/60 Hz 60 W Laser Specifications EN 60825-1:2007 certified Class 1 Laser Product 405nm violet laser Printing Properties TechnologyStereolithography (SLA) Build Volume125 × 125 × 165 mm 4.9 × 4.9 × 6.5 in Min Feature Size300 microns 0.012 inches Layer Thickness (Axis Resolution) 25, 50, 100 microns 0.001, 0.002, 0.004 inches Supports Auto-Generated Easily Removable Material Properties Methacrylate Photopolymer ResinMore InformationResin Material Properties Clear Resin Datasheet (PDF) Material safety data sheets Clear Resin MSDS (PDF) White Resin MSDS (PDF) Grey Resin MSDS (PDF) Black Resin MSDS (PDF) PreForm Software System Requirements Windows XP (SP3) and up Mac OS X 10.6.8 and up OpenGL 2.1 2GB RAM Learn more Hardware Requirements Any Formlabs printer Features Simple print setup Auto-orient for optimal print position Auto-mesh repair Auto-generation of supports Rotation, scaling and duplication Layer slicer for path inspection .STL and .OBJ file input .FORM file output Finish Kit Includes Finishing Tray Scraper Pre and Post-Rinse Tubs Rinse Basket Squeeze Bottle Flush Cutters Tweezers Disposable Nitrile Gloves