Remember how much fun it was to play outside at night?


As kids we spent lots of time chasing each other around the neighborhood... playing cops & robbers, hide & go seek and war! 

Then in the early 80's Light-Sabers were invented followed by Nerf Guns in the 90's, and playing became even more fun!

Especially at night, when w imagined ourselves being Jedi Knights fighting Storm Troopers! What fun!!!

There was a problem however... WE OFTEN LOST OUR DARTS! Light-up swords were easy to spot, but little foam noodles weren't.

Glow-in-the-dark materials helped solve the problem, but they still didn't glow very long. So our piggy banks suffered.


Enter the miracles of 3D Printing, Low Cost LED lights, Electronics and CrowdSourcing!

Now nearly anyone can create neat stuff, test the market and begin manufacturing what people truly want!


In 2010, I started Barnstorm Studio to explore ways to create unique toys that could solve an assortment of childhood problems.
Using emerging technologies like 3D Printing, low cost LED's & electronics and programmable microprocessors,

Light-Noodle Light-up Darts were born...forever solving the challenge of finding lost foam darts at night!!! 


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