Remember what it was like to play with swords?


Swashbuckling pirate adventures! Imaginary knights combating evil dragons! Ancient foes meeting on the field of battle!

All resulting in out of breath laughter from chasing each other around our yards and neighborhood. Arrrggg! Aha! En garde!

These weren't real swords of course, just wooden sticks or plastic ones bought at the store. But they still hurt sometimes. Ouch!

When our kids were 4 and 6 I decided to build them something safer...using soft pool noodles & wooden handles.

Simple enough and it worked for years! But then the tinkerer in me got to thinking.

What if they could light up? We could play at night! Like those um, well ..."saber" things did. 


So I made a prototype out of spare parts and it became the toy my kids really fought over. Not what I'd intended.

Solution: Make more! Better yet, help my children make their own!  Enter the fantastic technology of Plastic 3D Printing!!!

Using simple Computer Models now anyone can create their own personal design from an assortment of parts files.

We'll print the parts, assemble it or ship it as a kit that your parents can help you put together. Then you too can join the fun! 

A little over a year later we're almost ready to begin production! LIGHTNoOdle's anyone?

Fun for Kids...

Two warriors practice their sword skills as night approaches!

...and Adults!

Friends from Gateway City Arts in Holyoke, MA engage in a duel before a business meeting!


Imagine if those were hard plastic swords?

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