the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality; creative ability, ability to confront and deal with a problem,  resourcefulness,
the thinking or active mind : interest; a creation of the mind; especially : an idealized or poetic creation.
As Creatives, our mission is to DREAM BIG OUT-OF-THE-BOX IDEAS that challenge the accepted beliefs about what's possible. Everyday concepts we now take for granted were once only possibilities that someone imagined, often doubted, contested and ridiculed ...before their time.  The act or practice of cooperating; The association of persons or businesses for common, usually economic, benefit.


Today's social & crowdsoucing networks are invaluable tools help us communicate at the speed of light, 
developing partnerships, sharing our skills & resources and doing business with the click of a mouse.

Why compete for the enormous global pie when we can share it! A la mode  to bring into concrete existence, accomplish, to cause to seem real : make appear real; to convert into actual money;  to bring or get by sale, investment, or effort; gain
Emerging technologies like 3D Printing allows us to prototype, pre-market and deliver new products​
in record time, with little money down! The reduced risk allows innovators to take advantage of a global neighborhood marketplace without . Come join us!

Steve Longpre, CEO and Founder of Barnstorm Studio, LLC., discusses 3D Printing with members of the UMASS Entrepreneurs Club.

Barnstorm Studio, is a Western Massachusetts 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping & Additive Manufacturing Company.

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Working with industry leaders has provided us the experience to help your business develop innovative products to meet the needs of generations to come.

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